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Private Lessons

At Richland Middle School, we highly encourage all our students to participate in private lessons. In a private lesson, your student will work one on one with a professional musician on their on instrument to introduce and reinforce instrument specific skills. Students who are enrolled in private lessons have an advantage when auditioning for Richland Middle School Band Placement, Birdville High School Band Placement, All BISD District Band, the Region 31 Band, and will receive extra help on solo and band class literature.

Private lessons cost $20.00 per half class period lessons, and are to be paid to the instructor directly (cash or check). Financial Assistance is available for partial payment of the private lesson. Please contact your student's teacher for more information.


Ms. Carmen Chavez


Allison Crabb


Ms. Nicole Lara


Mr. Dylan Brown


Mr. Tyler Sarver

French Horn:

Mr. Eric Hessel


Ms. Jeanette Velasco

Low Brass:

Mr. Jonathan Woodrow


Mr. Stephen Symank

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